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Second Half Summer Tour 2017

I will be heading back to Northlandia this afternoon.  As always, posts may be spotty in the next few days so be prepared.  

I've now had the Cabin for 3 1/2 years and it has certainly been a treasure emotionally, if not financially.  Reality has set in and I missed my permanent escape from Florida once the grand-kidlings entered the world.  They are now as enmeshed in my existence as air itself.  But man does not live by kids alone.  He needs his diversions, namely a Yamaha Stratoliner that provides wind therapy, and a Dodge Custom 880 that embodies all that was at one time impossible.  He needs a beer or Bloody Mary with friends, acquaintances or even alone if the atmosphere is smothered with comradeship.  He needs a dark sky with twinkling stars and a gentle midnight breeze that rustles anything it touches.  He needs to relearn the value of conversations peppered with thoughtfulness, insight, humor and a dollop of plain old silliness.

Upon entering the Cabin I will plug in the lighted palm tree and it will stay on until the day I leave.  After that I will charge the battery to the camera.  So begins another holiday in Northlandia.  (Queue rousing music.)  But, as always, nothing is as bad or as great as we imagine; while all looks rosy there will be a creeping reverse Stockholm Syndrome angst.  The kids, of course, will be there when I return, but, what is it about our natures that as soon as we escape a place we soon begin to miss it.     

To list the things I want to do  seems at this point redundant.  Time is short and I seem to have fashioned an enviable ability to extract the best of two worlds.  It surprises even me when I think of the duality I have created.  For as long as it lasts I will endeavor to enjoy all the people and the adventures each world offers.  Life is short.  Squeeze it like a goddamn lemon.


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