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Simply Amazing

It was around War Horse I think that I stopped going to the movies.  The whole experience became too much of a hassle.  People talking had been a problem the past few times, even to the point where SIL Drew had to go down and complain.  With the War Horse the bottom third of the movie was clipped for some reason making it all horrendous to watch.  We left and never went back.  The DVD and streaming thing became the norm:  watch when you want, pause it for run to BR or kitchen, kick up or down the sound to suit and with some the ability for subtitles was kick-ass. 

It was with real trepidation I suggested a trip to the theater to see Dunkirk one Sunday morning a couple weeks ago.  There is a theater near Waterboard at the Largo mall and I saw that they had a viewing at 10:15 am - all the better to keep the teeny-boppers away as if the title itself wouldn't do the trick.  And thinking churchgoers would have their butts in a pew instead of a theater seat, it seem the perfect time to try to go into the water, so to speak.  


As we approached the ticket area, which was outside by the way, there was a couple in front of us, in their mid-40's, maybe over.  I fully expected them to get tickets for Dunkirk, too but was amazed when they instead anted to see the Emoji Movie.  Oh, Lord.  Oh, Lord.

When it was my turn and so very proud to announce my choice was eh very adult very sober Dunkirk, the nice guy in the booth asked which seats I wanted.  Well, this was very new to me so he pointed at a diagram which had a seating chart.  Since I usually like closer rather than far away and because you watch a movie like you read a book, left to right, I chose B 9 and 10.  I paid and noticed on the ticket stub he had given us a senior discount without asking my age.  Uh oh, I must be in the very noticeable range now.  Yikes!

As I entered the theater I tried finding my aisle and after finding row B noticed I was about 6 inches from the screen.  I had a better look at the ceiling than the screen.  Then I noticed the seats were clear on the other side of the room, looking left to right.  This would not do. at all.  OK, first experience back and now this seating arrangement problem.  Not looking good.  

The current Mrs. Blythe took care of the seating fiasco and we were assigned new seats in row D 5 and 6.  Much better.  Almost perfect.
Then I noticed the guys in front of us were reclining.  After finding a button that electrically reclines your cushy seat, we were all set to go.

Uh oh.  Now we have to sit through a barrage of endless commercials until the movie starts but I can do that but there is a nagging catching going on with some of the clips.  The guy in front leaves and tells his date/wife that he is going to tell them about the technical glitch on screen.  He comes back.  More commercials.

And those two bright lights on wither side if the screen might be annoying if they don't go out too.  OK, now it is time for sneak previews.  There is a Superhero Avengers thing with Ben Affleck that I hope I never have to sit through.  And then some thing with a blonde woman with a gun driving through town shooting at things and cars flipping over behind her.  No, I don't think so.  Then some murder thriller thing called The Snowman that at least looks adult.  Ever thankful a studio made an adult flick like Dunkirk, I'm wondering about those dunderheads across the hall about to watch 1/2 star Emoji.  The catching has ended.  Almost perfect.

The movie revs up, the annoying corner lights go out and I nestle back in my reclining plush chair and watch a great film.  Perfect.


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