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Tuesday Tidbits

Funny how my Cabin in the Woods looks different each week, isn't it?  From this angle it looks pretty nice.  And is that the Mississippi down there?   Nice fire, too.  It's all fun and games until you lose your wienie.  But seriously, how cool is it that I can do what I do?    I'm damn near jealous of myself.  

Just one of many reasons to visit the North.  I may have a medical condition - I have a silicon deficiency.   


Adventures In Babysitting

Apparently root beer is an acquired taste.  

Papa's Daycare was closed most of this week because the client's folks were on vacation. No Paw Patrol, SpongeBob, diapers or endless trips to kitchen trying to figure out what the pointing was for.  


Norah's School picture.



Don't forget the Sweepstakes for A Gentleman in Moscow

On August 22 Existing In BFE will give away one or two FREE copies of Amor Towles A Gentleman In Moscow.  Send me an email ( with your name and if you prefer a Kindle edition or hardback.  

Great book.  Look at last week's post: What's On My Nightstand for more details.  Tell your friends, tell your wives, tell your husbands, tell your whatever, tell your dogs!  Cat's are not eligible!


I will attempt to post this warning everytime I have a political point to make.  If you are squeamish, prefer to have your head in the sand and ignore the  events that affect you and your loved ones, then please move along to the next entry.

Poor Reince was once ordered by Trump to kill a fly in the Oval office that was bugging him.  That's some sick shit.  I'm no psychologist but I think our guy in the White House is some kind of nut. 

After 24 days and 10,000 miles, the Finnish icebreaker M.S.V. Nordica cut through the Northwest Passage in record time.  Why is that a big deal?  It is another reminder of the warming of the earth - climate change is real and those who disbelieve are idiots.  Oh and polar bears?  They are almost gone. 

If the Trump family can piss off our allies, make LGBT Americans non-persons, kill the EPA and State Departments, cozy up to Russia, wreck healthcare, splitting families by ramping up deportations, demean our free press, disown our Intelligence organizations, make Boy Scouts and Police Unions apologize for his speeches to them all in six months, just think what they can do in another 3 1/2 years.

He was a carnival barker before the election and now he and his family who are now dangerous carnival barkers.  They have surrounded themselves with jesters and generals.  Can they turn things around?  That's the question.  As for what has been going on so far - it is proof positive that liberals move forward and conservatives move back.  Neither one is right or wrong in the right environments, but I sure am concerned with what is happening at the moment.    


Pssst.  I know how you can make a million dollars.

This is along the same lines as when Kodak put out this camera for kids.  Verizon or Samsung need to come out with a smartphone for kids.  Let them take pics, and text mom and dad or g-parents.  Yup, they'd need some data but make it absolutely nominal.  A million dollars - hell, you'd make a billion worldwide!  Might patent it.   


While I sit here having to watch such swillish daytime cartoons being dished out to my clients here at the Daycare center, I remember back in the day the really good stuff we had to watch on Saturday mornings.  My favorite was Jonny Quest.  He and the gang battled all manner of threats to the world.  There were guns, lasers, knives and everything in between to help win the day.   

Nowadays we have mindless garbage like Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies.  Paw Patrol is a kid who organizes rescue missions for stuff that happens around Adventure Bay with a bunch of anthropomorphized dogs that have packs on their backs that have within them any tool they will need.  There is even a parental voiceover at the beginning telling you how harmless this shit is and how it promotes cooperation and a sense of civic pride.  Mindless, bland, empty.  

I personally think we need more good vs. evil like Jonny Quest and less empty shows.  We learn as kids that there are things worth fighting for - things that threaten us, and darker aspects to life.  To present fake worlds with fake characters with fake jobs with fake responsibilities we short-change our kids.   Was Jonny Quest fake all around, well most of it, but watch an episode now and it becomes more realistic, entertaining and containing more teachable moments than a bunch of mermaid like boys and girls singing "It's time for Lunch!" 


Decline of the America

The S.S. United States was the only superliner ever built entirely in America.  It was awarded the Riband Award for fastest transatlantic trip which still stands today.  But now it sits abandoned tied to a moor in New York.  There have been attempts by groups to restore it but all have failed.  Moe than likely it will be scrapped fairly soon.  Dock  fees are not being paid and there is no clear owner.  It is a sad fate to a beautiful proud ship.  Another example of a declining America.  


Hot day at Taylor reservoir.  Even the goony birds are keeping in the shade.

I'm no fan of Florida as you all know.  But they do have great parks and bike trails.  All over the area you can easily find a nature trail, preserve or park.  This week, whilst having a lot of free time, I hopped on the bike (the one horse-power variety) and explored some new and old trails.  I also went back up to Clearwater which is only 20 minutes away using the Pinellas Bike Trail.  They haven't yet designed a comfortable bike seat but the riding was nice and it was fun to get out.  


I wonder what would happen to the enlistment rates in the armed forces if/when we ever get universal health and universal college education? 

I wonder if when we all have self-driving cars we will no longer have to pay liability insurance?

If Yahoo knows the sites I check out and steers me to others like them, why does it still post things about the Kardashians, some Rihanna lady and whoever LeVar Ball is?

I read a review on an upcoming book, and it is true, after a massive nationwide power grid failure, the Amish would end up king of the hill.



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