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Tuesday Tidbits

I have no idea where I'll be on August 21st, but I will be someplace close enough to participate in the great Eclipse, at least in the periphery.  Maybe I'll get adventurous and head south a few hours to Carbondale to witness its totality.  


This supposedly seaworthy vessel, the Clearwater Calypso was plying the straights when I bicycled to the causeway bridge one day a couple weeks ago.  Are those palm tress on the upper deck.  Perfect example of Florida Kitsch.


Don't forget about our Existing In BFE sweepstakes.  All you have to do is send me an email to to enter the chance to win a free hardback or digital copy of A Gentleman In Moscow.

I found this on YouTube. I don't know her but what she says goes for me too.


Adventures In Babysitting

Nap time at Papa's Daycare is non-negotiable.  It is not so little bodies can recharge - it is so this old body can rest.  Here is Norah in a photo (top) that she will be embarrassed by some day.  The lower pic is her enjoying a nap with sucker firmly in place and a stuffed friend.


I'm told that "FLY" in urban slang means "cool" or "studly".  Uncool is plastering it on a license plate.


In other words:  I don't know a thing.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the college education.


Decline In America


Political Content



Long time readers know that I have made a small fortune (very small) picking up pennies and other change Floridians so blithely toss away.  Coinage is everywhere down here.  The homeless would appear to be either near-sighted or simply careless for if they looked in the gutters they were lying they would become as rich as me.

I have decided to share my copper finding expertise with my daycare clients and their attention has been paying off.  Above is Norah who, as a ploy to keep her interested in a walk to Dunkin Donuts last week, found not one, not two, but three pennies on the sidewalk and curb.

And if that wasn't enough, little Alfred found a Penny at Waterboard as we were playing around.


And, yes, I gave it back when Mom arrived.


A little drama unfolded at Waterboard last week.  As we were playing outside and Alfred was finding her first penny, we saw a couple guys in blue with shields slink around the side and instructed us to get inside our apartment.    We all went to my bedroom and watched the action.  Don't know who this guy was getting arrested or what he did, but it was a nice diverting activity for my last day of babysitting for awhile.  


And finally...

On my early morning walk last Sunday I took this picture of the full moon playing hide and seek with the clouds.  It was taken with my scrubby iPhone but I kind of like it.


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