Thursday, January 16, 2014

This And That

1.“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” -Paulo Coelho

2.  The Privateer Lynx will be returning to St. Pete this January and February to provide tours and sailaways.  Will I return for an encore sail? Emphatically yes.   Will I don my stuffed parrot?  Sadly, no. 

3.  The Mall holds no great fascination for me.  One Mall is like another.  But every once in a while you find a real treat.  In the parking lot was an immaculate 1970 Pontiac Executive.   

Beginning with the 1965 models, Pontiac began about a 10 year run with the best styled cars coming out of Detroit.  Big hulking beasts with long hoods and shortened rears, the Bonnevilles, Executives and Gran Prix's were simply gorgeous.  We had a 1965 Bonneville growing up, and later on I had a 73 Gran Prix T-Top.  It made my heart pitter-patter to see this car.  Sadly I had to meet Kenzie on the other side of the Mall and couldn't do an inside inspection, but I wager it was just as nice inside.     

4.  And while we are talking cars, I also spotted this beautiful, mint  1983 Cadillac at a Target store down here.  I'm not totally certain about the year, these things changed so little over this span of time.  It may be a year or two either side but still, it was in superb condition and had antique plates.  

4.  As long as we are talking, wheels...   

Seen at a fast food restaurant here, this fellow on his handicap scooter in line at the drive-thru.  Actually on second thought this isn't a bad idea at all.  Doors at these places are not automatic, and if you are not uncomfortable with the weather, why not?  

5.  I still babysit some each week,  and now that the crib has been taken down, I no longer can deposit a tired kid in it and then leave.  Now I have to simply wait for the batteries to run out before I can have some time to myself.  The other day, the batteries ran out like this:

6.  Recently it was noted in the news that the McDonalds employee website urged its employees not to eat the food there, since it wasn't healthy.  It was quickly taken down, but the damage was done.  Not long after I was inside one of these places to feed Norah and saw this sign.  I think we are going to do a lot less at Mack-y D's from now on.  If they even say their food is bad, who am I to argue, or give it to a 2 1/2 year old.  And besides, if McDonalds thinks its icky, it probably is.

7.  In case you weren't sure, there is a SALE-SALE today!

8.  And one last Christmas reference.  The picture below is one of those big plastic things that stay filled with air by a small pump.  You've seen them during the holidays.  This one is over by Drew and Kenzie's, in fact this is a picture she took.  Sometimes the pump doesn't do a great job and the original design starts to falter.  In this case what was supposed to be a flamingo driving Santa's sleigh has turned into something else.  It now looks like some sort of bestiality is going on between Santa and his flamingo.  Both are still smiling so one can assume it is consensual.  


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