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BFE Reporter Tuesday


Judy Clayton sent these pictures of something her daughter saw across the state in the Port St. Lucie area.  Judy is my old buddy from Dick Blick and she also has an old car that she shows every once in a while.  Her daughter lives in the Port St. Lucie area and does cable installations.

She went to one residence and the owner was quite happy to tell her that he had Harry S Truman's car in his garage.  She asked to see it and this is the car.  

I have no way of finding out definitively if his claim is true.  The internet is a wonderful place to research, but I could find nothing about this.  The fellow claims this 1938 Buick was truman's but I have no other details.  Note the gold fender and trim features.  I would also have you look in side in the rear and see the speaker plate on the side.   

The famous Buick Valve-In-Head V8 that made them an early power plant innovator.  Nice and clean.  

You will just have to take the claim with a bit of skepticism, but hey, who knows.  It might just be that the owner can make the claim through documentation.  The car itself looks in great shape and I wouldn't mind having it.  It does look modified, however.  Besides the gold plating and trim, and speakers, it looks to have been re-upholstered.  I'm pretty sure those seats and side-door treatments are not original.   

If true, the owner has quite an historic find, and keeping it safe in his garage is a good idea.  If not, well…it surely impresses cable people and amateur bloggers.  


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