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Flashback Friday

The Passage of Time


*Mt. Hamel chicken night*Study for that History of England test on Friday*ST Hall*Blackie's on Saturday*All In The Family*A whole month off for Christmas Break. Whoopee*Colfax Avenue*Think I'll go up to the Phi Tau floor for a "smoke"*West Side Tap*Pam Patterson*One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest*Harry Chapin*Iliff Grad School in Denver*Working for Uncle Ed in the Summer*Coors*R.B/Rascal/Kolbow/Shaner/Keefer/Sandbag/Neish*RSI*Phi Delta Theta*Ozark Airlines*Church League Softball*Seaton Grain Company*Jerry's Pizza*Hershey Hall*Cuckoo Robinson*Cum Laude*LaMore*'57 VW/67 Plymouth Fury III*PublishedPoem*Keithsburg/Oquawka/Burlington/Middletown/Danville/NewLondon*Archie*Don & Dorothy*Cat Stevens*Iowa City runs with Koob


MDH*How do I get the money to pay the power bill*Pogue/Glasnovich/Tapper/Potter/Billings*Mackenzie Alexis*We need new wheels*Magic*Brendan Nicholas*IPCSA *Conferences*Reality Therapy*Ponds*Tiki Nights*Counselor*Painting the house during my 2 week vacations*Corral*Nancy*Baby*3rd Shifts with Rose*Mike Johnson*Golf at The Club*Marj and our rides*Miller Lite*1965 Galaxie 'Vert*St. Louis Met's games*Best of Show/mercer Co. Fair*Puerto Rico*Andre the Giant lookalike kid at MDH-"Why should we give him an opportunity to hurt us*The Gerdes/The Makeevers/The Harrisons/Marty*Bon Jovi*The Heart Association Mike Johnson Opens*Moving KittyCorner*Big Victorian*Kawasaki*New Garage*Supervisor*1961 Imperial*Working for Uncle Ed on some Saturdays*Schindler's List*DARE*Meat Loaf*State Trainings*Car Shows*IMRF*Fort Campbell/Clarksville*Program Coordinator*July 4th Weekend-Best Ever*Stewart/Stormy/Pat/Rebecca/Vaup/Katie/Holly*Fyre Lake*Chocolate Crackles/Puppy Chow/Homemade Ice Cream*Pizza and a Movie*Pancake Breakfasts*Youth Commission*WIAAC

And why does the sun make my hair look all gray?  It's not, I swear!


Dick Blick*Michael & Alhanna*Hello BFE*At least I still have my hair*Breaking Bad*Ridin' and Partying With the BFE Gang*Uhm, I forget what I was going to put here*Yamaha Stratoliner*Existing In BFE*Where did the time go*Sturgis On TheRiver*BFE Wataga/SutorWoods*Florida*Drew/Kenzie*Lynx*Publix*
Norah*Miss Frump*Leroy Selmon's*The Community Center*Missing snow*Missing North*Missing Missy*Bike Trip Up North in 2013*107 Marion*1963 Dodge 880*Allegiant Airlines*Three Birds*Pat Johnson*Breakfast with Brendan*Vinoy*The Beach*My antler shed gift from Christopher*Candy*Hunting for my next four-pawed best friend*Rides in the Jeep with Mark and Holly*And more, much more to follow………………………………………...



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