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Tampa Bay Automobile Museum - Part 6


Jaguar E-Type 5.3 2+2

This was deemed by Enzo Ferrari as the World's Most beautiful Car.  It has a V-12 engine and were made between 1971 and 1974.  there were a little over 15,000 made.  The 2 + 2 designation means it was a four-seater.  It's OK, I guess.  Nice looking car, but it's fairly low on my "must-have" list.  Too new and too sporty, I suppose.   And I'm not sold on the looks.  Maybe its the hood that looks like its on steroids, but it always looked just a little "off" proportionally.  


Maserati Sebring Series II

Only 240 of these were made between 1965 and 1967.  It's a very beautiful car with a great interior and nice styling.  I include it here because I asked John which car he'd like to drive for a day and he mentioned this one.  Its pretty nice with great lines and styling.  



Only a couple of hundred of these were made.  This Imperial Crimson colored sports car was lightweight with aluminum doors and fiberglass exterior panels.  The front clip comes up as a single piece from the doors forward for better access tot he engine.  See the tilted piece in the front?  It would open and close according to how much air the engine needed.  It was also the first car with all disc brakes.  This car was a 1954 version.


1949 ALLARD P-1

We should probably call this the Ford Allard since it was made with a Ford V-8 engine, transmission and chassis.  This made exporting to US easier for maintenance and distribution purposes.  Between 1949 and 1951 about 550 of these were made.  See that doo-hinky on top of the dash?  That is a toggle switch that allows for the windshield to be opened for air, a common feature in the 20'and 30's but rare for a post-war vehicle.  This baby has a beautiful interior.  Nice paint scheme, I like this one.



I'm not into race cars so I won't spend much time here, but I include it to let you see if you were driving this guy and ran into something, you'd sure have a lot of machinery in your crotch.  Click the "Post" above and it will take you to Facebook where you can see this car purr.  

Also notice how the engine has been placed into the car backwards.  This is how they made it a front wheel drive.



In the late 30's and early 40's gas was hard to come by due to thewar and rationing.  Many owners in Europe, Japan and South America began experimenting with alternative fuels to run their cars.  This car was assembled in Spain and sometime in 39 or 40 was equipped with a Gas O Gene fuel system.  This care runs on charcoal.  There is a combustion chamber in the rear and the hydrocarbon fumes are then sent up to provide combustion for the engine.  Today, they get charcoal from a hardware store and take this out on spins.   Wonder why I can't rig up my truck this way? 



This car, made in Ireland in 1980 and 1981, was stainless steel.  It is the same stuff the owner's packaging machines were made out of so he bought this.  It made him rich, so I guess I would too.  They made about 8,000 of them and unlike the other cars here you can actually see them at local car shows around G-Burg. 

OK, hang in there, just a couple more left from the museum, with the last one displaying my  two favorite cars.


  1. The 49 Allard is a beauty. Love the sweeping flowing lines. Not a Ruxton but still a beauty.


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