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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  I hate it when I am reading a blog and they have links to follow regarding a certain subject I may be researching, only to discover the links outdated or nonexistent.  It reeks of laziness and neglect. I recently conducted a review of my recommended links and found them all to be up-and-running and up-to-date. 

  • Bodine-DILLIGAF -- Jeff Sutor writes a daily blog on whatever pops into his head.  He made my list not only because he is one of the smartest (and friendliest) guys I know, but also one who doesn't always look at things like the rest of us.  He and his wife Carol and two precocious dogs Lily and Teddy live out in the wilds of BFE Wataga.  If you only read one blog, forget mine, look at his, you'll learn more.   
  • 30 Acre Fishing --  Ryan Thirtyacre has his website of fishing lures he makes and sells.  Ryan is from my favorite Illinois Shangri-La's,  Burgess.  Marvin's boy. Imagine graduating from the bubble and fun of college, then starting your own business making lures and traveling all over using them and making money.  I bought one of his lures and can state with certainty that it will never see water; nope, this baby's going to be mounted and hang on my wall like a revered piece of art. Ryan is undergoing a transition and when I emailed him for info he replied:  

"Hey Mike, actually things with the business are going better than ever. I have moved down to Salem, Alabama and working the company out of Columbus, Georgia now. We're making generation two models of some of the lures as well as brand new ones. There's a whole new molding process that will be done allowing me to make a lot more of these things with professional custom packaging and everything. We're shooting to have the inventory built back up by March, then start getting into any which tackle store we can down here in the Southeast. So, if you know of any, let me know! Going to have a new website done too. So, lots happening still, just in that transition stage. Ryan"

  • Two To The Wind Art -- This site is my feeble attempt at finding some sort of a way to exhibit and/or sell my artwork.    I have been thinking of re-doing the site or just eliminating it altogether.  It really serves no real function.  If I want to sell any of this I'll have to throw it on the back of my truck and hawk it by the side of the road, like they do with rugs and tomatoes.  I have to figure out a way to either market myself and/or the paintings or just keep the website open just as a means to display them.  Admittedly it is mainly a vanity page, my art is neither very good nor memorable.  I had had hopes of supplementing my income with commission work but, like most hack artists one has to have a particularly unique artistic vision or some kind of name recognition, of which I have neither.   
  • Images By Tony --  Tony Hutson used to work at the Mary Davis Home and he has since moved on; working for the guv'ment as a Post Office hotshot now.   He bought a camera and started taking the most beautiful pictures.  His website is a basically a gallery.  And if you see one or many that you like you can order reprints.   I dare you to find prettier pictures.  Tony isn't just a picture taker, he's an artist.             

If you have or know of someone who has a website, blog or online presence and you want what little coverage my blog provides, just let me know and maybe I'll post it along with the above sites.  

2.  I have been released from the care of Dr. Gnage.  My arm has recuperated well enough that I no longer need to see him.  He told me I have exercises that I will need to do to keep from any recurrence.  Funny, this humorless, uber-serious place: Dr. Gnage let down his guard and we had a fun, and funny conversation explaining that the body has lots of joints so we might meet again soon.  After I looked at what my new 'specialist' co-pay is, I doubt it.  I continue, however with PT across the hall, and I have hopes of saying goodbye to them soon, as well.


  1. Thank you for the kind words and referral from your blog. My only comment other than that would be, if I'm one of the smartest people you know then you need to meet some smarter people. My days always begin with your blog. Always informative and interesting.


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