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Little Cat's Feet

On the wall of the office area at the Mary Davis Home almost forever were some Sandburg poems.  Maybe because Sandburg was born there or maybe it was a gift from a grateful family or maybe it was just something an employee found once and hung up there (I'll wager this is an improper sentence), but there they were and there they stayed.  One was Carl's famous poem about fog being like little cat's feet.  That may be true when one of the syph-bitten satanic flea-bags are about to pounce, play, kill, play some more and sleep, but generally they are graceless loud, clomping creatures.  I constantly hear slamming around the stairs, running like its anus is on fire.  In years past when I was surrounded by cat-loving people and more than one of the little bastards it sometimes equalled the noise of Brendan bounding down with his boots and lanky frame more falling than leisurely stepping.   

Anyway, in my quest to get the perfect red sunrise I have been traveling downtown in the early morning hours.  My destination is the Vinoy.  It has the best early morning location.  Many of the pics I have taken in this quest have already been included in the blog in the past few weeks. 

Today was no exception - early up and out.  Except this morning was a bit different in that it was very foggy.  And I mean very.  I had not done any extensive picture taking in these conditions so I was pretty well hyped.  I decided to go to Demen's Landing first to see if I could get a foggy looking skyline picture.   

I won't comment on each picture.  They speak for themselves.   

This was the view from Demen's Landing back across the public marina to the St. Petersburg skyline.    

And this is the way it looks when there is no fog.

They don't like you being at Demen's Landing before sunrise since many residents live on their boats, and they will come around and kick you out.  I was just leaving as soon as the enforcement patrol was rounding the bend, ask I went on over to the Vinoy.  The joggers are jogging about now so it is safe to be there.   

Again, this is at the Vinoy, looking back toward the city skyline.  

The Truth Sculpture at the Vinoy. 

I moved from the Vinoy to downtown.  It was obvious I wasn't going to get any red sunrise this morning.  Visibility was quite low.   

It was getting close to 6:00 AM and the buses are starting to line up at Williams Park (Bum Paradise).  

I parked close to the Post Office and was looking to get a shot or two of the columns but this interested me more.  This area, right across from Bum Paradise is home to the homeless.  A fellow on a scooter was going across the street to the park and I took the opportunity to take this picture and avoid a confrontation, i.e., looking for a handout.  As soon as he spotted me he turned his scooter around and made a mad dash back over.  I was too quick though, and made it back to my wheels and left.  My policy is not to give solicited handouts.  I much prefer to pick out someone who looks like they could use it, usually spontaneously, and hand them a little money.  And while I can't help everyone downtown I can do my part in my way.    

And before I end this post, I would like to tell you that the following morning, a morning I DID NOT search for the perfect red sunrise, I glanced out my window while enjoying my second cup of coffee watching Morning Joe and saw the following. 

Frankly my entry level camera was unable to pick out the rich reds that was visible with the naked eye.  The perfect sunrise may yet come again when I am prepared for it at the Vinoy.  When it does, I'll be there.   


  1. Perhaps it's true that all things come to those who wait. :) Great pics, foggy or not.

  2. Great pictures again Mike. As for catching that perfect sunrise, someday by accident you will catch it when you don't expect it. In regard to capturing color I agree. The camera is never able to fully convey the beauty the eye can capture.


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