Friday, March 20, 2015

Flashback Friday

Last week marked the 90th birthday of my mother.  It's been a while since she was with us so it kind of surprised me to think of her as that age, had she lived.  To commemorate that event I am posting these pictures of her as a girl and young lady.  

Posing prettily.  An only child, Marj was pampered and spoiled as a child,  and she readily admitted it. 

This is Marj with her grandfather, who, as I understand, she adored.  This would be her mother's dad.  I'm sorry to say that I do not know his name, but perhaps he was a Wustefeld, since that was Mona's maiden name.  

Another picture like the above.  Could this doll have been a birthday present?  

One of our responses to the kids when they wanted something back in the day was, "I want a pony."  Apparently Marj wanted a pony, too, and got one.  I have zero info on this picture so I don't know if this was hers to keep or just a one time ride.   She did admit to me that she was, for most of her life, spoiled and happy.  Being an only kid can do that to you.  But at least she knew it.    

I wonder who her friend on the left was?  

Marj is the cutie in the middle and her mother, Mona, is on the right.  Mona was a rather remarkable woman in her own right.  She was a survivor of some health problems but was a recipient of new medical procedures.  Some of the treatments were so radical and new that she was written up in some journals.  Mona died young at 61 of a brain aneurysm, unrelated to her past medical problems.  

As a side note, a Seaton neighbor, Dorothy Levine, was virtually the same age as Marj, separated only by about 4 days.   They exchanged the same birthday card for decades.  Dorothy celebrated her 90th birthday last weekend, and is doing well, and misses Marj.  So do we, Dorothy.  

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