Monday, April 27, 2015

Tybee Lighthouse

I'm no photographer.  I don't have the knowledge or expertise, not to mention talent.  I'm more of a point-and-shooter with a fancy ass camera type-guy who is just as surprised when I pull off a decent picture.  There's aperture, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and light metering stuff (technical terminology) that has to be evaluated with each snap when you are on Manual settings.  While I do aspire to tweak settings, it's certainly not with any type of certitude that I do so.     

This little accidental treasure was taken in Tybee Island on the recent visit to the Sutor's.  At my age if you don't know yourself, you are either in extreme denial, frightened or stupid.  I kind of knew going in that sleep may be elusive tonight. Put me in a different nest than my usual nest and somehow I get too wound up.  Too many thoughts, too much to control.  As it was, I was tossing and turning so I said to hell with it, got dressed and drove over to the beach area where the Tybee Island Lighthouse is.  

Stunningly cold.  Bone-rattling cold from the ocean was coming in and made for a difficult session.  This was on the long walkway to the beach from a parking area that also houses a restaurant-bar.  I was mostly focused on the ocean and anything up in the dark sky that might be fun to shoot, but then I turned around ands saw this image.  I had to be quick because I liked how the moon and just sunk below that wisp of cloud.   

Someone once told me that in every painting there should be some red.   The above picture is kind of nicely framed by the street lights on either side. the walkway barely visible to add a little mystery,  a tinge of red to add contrast, the moon to add transcendence and the lighthouse to provide grounding.  How's that for a quickie pic?      

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