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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Trailer on Tybee Island on stilts.  I thought when I saw it that in case of a hurricane it wouldn't need stilts, but an anchor. 

2.  When I lived on Chambers Street in G-Burg, the Donahue's moved in across the street.  We became friends with Mark and Debbie, and they had girl Kenzie's age, so they, too, got chummy.  Mark worked on the railroad and they later moved to Carmen, and in the it's-a-small-world category, Debbie's mom was postmistress in Seaton.  Mark came over a lot since we both had rather crazy schedules.  

Mark passed away on May 30th.  My condolences to Debbie, Mollie and Michael for their loss. 

They take their sea cows, or manatees, pretty seriously down here.  One of them slipped into a retaining pond right behind Shawshank along Clam Bayou last week.  I was riding my bicycle by just after they had loaded it up in that truck and taken it to Maximo Marina down the road.  Here is the do-gooder volunteer group rounding up their lines and stuff.  

4.  And finally, you just never know what you are going to find in that bag of carrots you get at the grocery store.  This one was waiting in my bag last week.



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