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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  I see these guys all the time around here but never this close.  Clam Bayou is right next door and they have several nests about.  

This Osprey was sitting on the neighbors roof the other day (June 11) looking for lunch.  He stayed there for around 15-20 minutes surveying the grounds and then finally left.  There is nothing living in Shawshank, his best bet is to fly back to the Bayou.  The haziness of the photo is due to taking pictures through the bedroom screen.

2.  Speaking of things not living, but would surely be of interest to Osprey's, I saw this guy at the grocery store on Father's Day weekend.  

Now, we don't usually go out of our way to make fun of people on this blog, otherwise we'd do a lot more political pieces.  However in this case, I must admit my dander was raised, whatever or wherever my dander is. 

First, I know a few guys, who shall remain nameless, young guys, too, who have follicular-challenged scalps.  One is a Marine, the other is a retired prison Counselor.  Again, these guys shall go unnamed, mostly because I don't know how sensitive they are about their recededness, but I'd guess not one whit.  These two guys, both respected and admired by me, at least, seem to carry on just fine with shaved scalps.  They seem to have turned a negative into a positive.  

The dunce above is hanging on to a concept of themselves that probably died about 20 years ago.  If you are going to hang on to youth, you at least have to match the colors of your toupee with whatever you have left, but even then, everyone, and I mean EVERY - ONE is still going to know you are wearing a rug.  You aren't fooling anyone.  If you are 80 years old and still draping your pate with something you bought 30 years ago, you are still, and look, 80 years old.  This guy, on Father's day is an embarrassment to our kind.  Not only that, but if he has a family, or a wife, or a boyfriend or even a close friend, those people need to get this guy to an intervention complete with calendar and mirrors.      

You see, this guy makes the mistake of thinking if he puts on his raccoon cap that that will make him young looking.  What he is ignoring is the fact that you stay young by being young at heart, not throwing a skinned cat on your head.  Rant Over. 

3.  Brendan wanted to check out a place called Veteran's Thrift Store not too far from where he lives.  He had been by it a few times and was intrigued by what it was.  We stopped by last weekend and it turned out to be a basically a junk shop.  The interesting thing was what i thought was the architecture of the building.  I thought this was kind of neat, an old meat market perhaps?  Whatever it used to be this I-bar was kind of reminiscent of the Packinghouse in G-Burg.  

What was equally interesting and a bit unsettling was right after I snapped this picture a group of people started coming around the building from behind and seemed a bit bent on a confrontation.  Evidently they didn't like or want their pictures taken and were wondering who this white guy was and why is he taking pictures.  Ah, the joys of the City.

4.  It may not be common knowledge, and in the big scheme of things, it may not be up there with ISIS, Hillary's NPR interview or Cantor's primary defeat (see, I'm an equal opportunity party basher).  But if one orders chicken nuggets at McDonald's, and Lord, why would one, they charge you for the sauce that comes with it.  It is not on the receipt, just a blank area, and not much, 25 cents, but I'd guess many just don't realize it.  If you specifically request no sauce, then they won't charge you, of course.  Also, that cost is no where spelled out on the menu.  Another reason, besides poor customer service and lousy food, why McDonald's is the Wal-Mart of used-to-be fast food. 

5.  Norah Sighting Of the Week:



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