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Night Time In Tybee - Part 1

Tybee has a population of around 6,000 and is 12 miles away from Savannah so there is a lot less ambient light here than I have to deal with in St. Pete.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get up early and wander over to the lighthouse and beach area that is only two or three blocks away.

This shot was from the walkway on the beach.  Those lights out there help guide ships out to the sea lanes.  I'm not a harbor pilot but I play one on this blog.

Actually, I was somewhat astounded by the number of lights out in the Atlantic. There are no islands or islets out there, so I have no idea what the bright thing is in the center of this picture.  But the setting was so quiet and serene.  I love this time of day, before everyone gets going and the day starts.  Before the obligations and the dullness.  My dad jokingly called it the shank of the day.  Regardless, the darkness of the sky with the looming, almost wistful coming of light is the stuff of poetry.   

Turning around from the above setting and this is where I was.  The lighthouse, of course, and that lighted area is a parking lot to a restaurant and bar establishment.  

I then spent some time trying to get a good night shot of the Lighthouse.  

A shot of the Lighthouse and the keeper homes.  The homes have been restored to period accuracy if not actual original.  

Here are some shots of the keeper homes' interiors I took. 

That is the Moon perched on a pole sitting atop the Fort Screven, which is now a Lighthouse and Tybee area museum.

Around 5:45 am I left this area and wandered back to the Sutor residence.  I knew Jeff would be walking the pooches at 6:00, and I made it just in time to join them.  You know, thinking about that picture above, the cutesy moon perched on the pole, well, I'm kind of sorry I took that.  It is a cheap and obvious knock-off of what is passing these days as artsy pictures.  I'm not too sorry to take it down, however.  Just because it is derivatively shallow doesn't mean it doesn't have a dollop of whimsy.   


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