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Beach Day

Day at the Beach

After a grueling stretch of several months without a break, I gave the staff of Existing In BFE a week off, and this is what they did on the first day.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the right time to take in the first white sand trip to Sunset Beach.   

The sight of a blue and green horizon still fills me with awe.  The sounds of he beach are also thrilling as well, the turns, the waves hitting, and the lilting sounds of children having fun.  We all have troubles, but they recede a bit in this environment.   

Drew, Kenzie and Norah arriving. 

Little Norah doing the "Little Norah" thing.  She has acquired a love of the beach, the sand and particularly the water.  She is a little too fearless, but better too fearless than too timid.  

This bucket of goodies was donated to Norah by a couple here at Shawshank.  She certainly liked it and I think Mom enjoyed it, too.

Since it was one of the first really nice beach days of the summer, other folks came out and joined our family bash.

I have decided to pick up one of these surfboards and find me the perfect wave.  It can't be too tough to do can it.  I'll let you know how it goes on a later post.   

I swear Norah has some gills somewhere.  She loves the water and shows little fear.  Daddy plopped her on this float and she rode the waves well.  

And the ever present gulls.  Always scavenging for food left behind (and sometimes not left behind) these guys survey the sand and when they find a kernel of goodness will swoop down and take it.  

There was one mishap, of course, since I believe in the balance of nature, or karma.  Too much good is leavened by some bad to keep everything at an even keel.  This is the pessimist in me.  No all good goes good for very long.  Our tent that has become a must for the beach was toppled by the wind and while we got it all unfolded and back in its container, the flimsy metal that was bent surely won't work anymore.  I haven't gotten it out and tried it yet, but I am sure we are gonna have to eat this one and get another.  But, you really can't complain too terribly much: a beautiful day, a dip in the ocean, the family at hand, a cigar and some good food.  Tough to beat that, karma notwithstanding.  


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