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Tybee Island Lighthouse - Part Two

Another look at the Tybee Island Lighthouse  

I have to admit to a certain incredulity in me being on Tybee Island, or Florida, for that matter. Just never saw me traipsing around this area.  For the most part my exile from the North has been reluctant, but every so often I get to do or see things that just astound me.  This lighthouse is one of them.  Only in books had I ever seen them and never in my wildest imagination would I ever think I'd climb one.  Just goes to show you that the longer you live, the more you might stumble upon remarkable things.  

In later pictures you will see this lighthouse at night, and the shine from its bean.  The huge Fresnell lens allows this tiny light to shine some 18 miles into the darkness of the Atlantic.  

The Fresnel Lens, developed by Augustin-Jean Fresnell first in 1823.   

The Fresnel lens was manufactured by the Henry-LePaute company of, obviously, Paris.  

Back when handles and other building items were made of brass, and lasted forever.  

This concludes our march, or rather slow slog up the Tybee Island Lighthouse, although it doesn't close the book on it, since it will play a major role in a nighttime walk that will be featured in a couple days.  I've decided that if I ever live in a place with a backyard I am going to build a lighthouse.  Just like this one.  


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