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Tuesday Tidbits

We have an ad running down here telling us to call our reps to pass the new Republican healthcare plan.  Problem is, there isn't one.  Must the Pelosi approach - vote for it then find out what's in it.   Must be one of those, Hey, if its Republican it must be great things.  

We also have ads for Judge Gorsuch.  Folks, its a new world - all politics, all divide, all the time.


Poor iPhone picture but caught this motorcyclist wearing a headpiece or helmet with horns an a tail.  Even at my give-a-shit age I don't think I could cross that line.


1.  Given proper regulation and oversight, why wouldn't sex worker services be OK?  It is in a third of the world including Australia.

2.  Why is ticket scalping illegal?  

3.  Why is euthanasia not more uniformly accepted?

4.  If the last election was a "change" election, why are all the old incumbents still in office?

5.  Why should I feel comfortable if I'm at McDonalds and half of the people in there are concealed carrying?

6.  When does a murder become an assassination?

7.  When does a boat become a ship?

8.  Why is Northlandia only 8 degrees cooler than Kitschland in mid-February?

9.  When was the last time you saw someone smoking a pipe?

10.  Why is commerical TV still using a 70 year-old business model while cable viewing is evolving into a new way to watch television?  Can't they see the writing on the wall? 


While driving through Palms Cemetery I noticed this little mini-mausoleum.  Cute, isn't it.  And yeah, I love cemeteries.  I wonder why?


"She was warned. She was given an explanation.  Nevertheless, she persisted."


Brendan's cat relaxing with a good book.


Harry's Flickhouse

Found this on Facebook, I think, or maybe Mrs. Wombie sent it.  Regardless, it is the place that we went (or dumped off) as kids so the folks could spend a little time at the Club.  Back then, when we were in 5th or 6th grade in Seaton, and then over to Aledo for Junior High,  Harry's Flickhouse was a Friday night tradition.  Even now I can rattle off some of the films we saw.  Most were pretty darn good, especially to a less discriminating kid brain.  The movies were a special time of escaping into adventure, then, eventually, a place to meet up with girls and the movies became less important.  Decency and decorum prevents me from writing the other nickname for the place, but just ask me or text me and I'll tell you.


A couple of pictures that weren't in the latest beach post and thought I'd include them here.  



I'm no Star Wars fan but saw this at Wal-Mart and who knew what george came up with 50 years ago would become arallying cry today?  Sweden?  What the hell did he say happened in Sweden?  Crime rate?  The press is the enemy of the people? 

I expect my President to be smarter than me.  Stronger, more patient, more circumspect, more articulate, more aware, a quick learner, a man of compassion and a bridge-builder.  I expect my President to be able to rattle off more adjectives than just "tremendous", "great" and "massive".

On my good days I think he's still new and will settle in and do better.  On my bad days I think the Dumbing Down of America is complete and there is no fixing stupid.  I have more bad days than good.  


Check out at the local grocery store.  Technology is sometimes tough to do on the fly.  This couple had a heck of a time trying to get their payment taken care of.  Was it the new chip in the card?  Was it the questions the pad asked?  Was it the age of the users?  Yes.


This is the floor of the men's room at Urban BBQ where I returned again this past weekend.  It is a single layer of pennies.  Some are those non-copper ones they used in World War II.  Because they are the likeness of Lincoln they are all facing the South.   


Canadian license plates.  Lucky them.  Trudeau: Go.  National Politeness: Go.  Mounties: Go.  Eskimos and Innuit's: Go.  Cradle-to-grave Healthcare: Go.  Cool Maple Leaf flag: Go.  French Quebec: Go.  Hockey: Pass. 


Till next Tuesday.


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