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Flashback Friday

My grandmother came from Greeley, Kansas.  It was a small town that never ever reached 500, but came closest to that in the 1910 census.  She was an interesting person who came from a rather well-to-do family and must have been aghast when she ran off with a gas line pipe layer.  

She wasn't a well woman - having had cancer early and was an experimental treatment patient.  She lived through it but still died young of a brain aneurysm when we kids were young.  I understand she is the subject of a couple AMA journal articles.  That would be interesting to find, but doubt it can be done.  I can still see her in the casket - she was a beautiful lady and she always liked a set of black cameo earrings and brooch.  She was wearing those.  

A plate that she owned and pictures the old Greeley Public School is in my possession.  Eventually it will go to the kids and I think it is time to start going through this stuff and write down what it is so they will keep it in the family rather than toss it out.

Also in my personal belongings is this plate made and created by my mother Marj.  She made this in pottery class in college and is signed on the back.  I think this needs to find a wall someplace and be displayed.  Boxes aren't the best places for art.  

I guess the older I get the more important this kind of family heirloom becomes.  Yeah, I think we need to find a place to keep these items handy if for no other reason to remind us of who we are. 

Instead of that Wal-Mart mass produced wall hanging that one out of five homes has, maybe we need to find those links to the past we have in boxes.   They are in storage all over the house and  can't find at Wal-Mart but might just bring to life, in a small way, our past loved ones.    


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