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Scenes of St. Pete

I like going into St. Pete.  Always enjoyed going around to Vinoy Park at night and doing the downtown wander thing during the day.  When I was at Shawshank I was only a few minutes away.  Now that I was sent to Waterboard up in Largo it takes a little more effort, but still doable.  

St. Pete is a kind of microcosm of the entire nation.  It is, I imagine both wealthy and liberal.  It is also home to the homeless and has its conservative side.  I think I read somewhere  that this area was the biggest formerly progressive county to go for Trump.  Whatever its politics, St. Pete has a large arts community and checking out the galleries every so often is a lot of fun.  Today, however, we just focused on an area midway between downtown and the main drag,  Route 34.  This area has a big old-fashioned bookstore and a restaurant that is one of the favorites.  Urban Brew and BBQ is pretty tasty and they have things on their menu you don't see often, like Keilbasa Rolls and Sweet Potato souffles.  

Bring your appetite and your spare billfold.  Urban Brew and BBQ has also spawned Urban Deli, Urban  Comfort restaurant and Brewery, and Urban Creamery.  Haven't check those places out but hope to some day.  

In the walk to and from I noticed some new murals on some of the buildings.  This place really prides itself on the murals and one could spend most of a morning and afternoon walking around looking at all of them scattered about.  In fact, that sounds like a great project one of these weekends.  

This homeless guy was rolling his grocery cart down the road with everything that he has in this world.  

Another mural which is fascinating but kind of obscure as well.  

I glanced at this colorful bungalow and then looked a second time and saw the flag int he window.  I thought it was an appropriate statement of our times. 

One of these days I'll take the camera and take some more pics of St. Pete.  There seems to be no end to the interesting things to see.  


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