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Causeway During the Day -Part 1

I discovered the Courtney Campbell Causeway when I was incarcerated at Bedlam,  By now you are familiar with it as well, as many posts have focused on the place, usually for night shots.  Today's post gives you a glimpse of the place during the day.  It's a favorite spot for fishing,  walking, biking, jogging and sight-seeing.  

It is a path that parallels the roadway from Clearwater across the Bay into Tampa.  On a windy Saturday not too long ago I hopped into the Pathfinder and wound my way back to CCC.   

This is from the peak of the walking path looking toward Tampa.

Tampa with a plane taking off from Tampa International.

Same place looking toward Clearwater.

There is always stuff to see from this 4-lane and walking path bridge.

A dragon with a torch?  Or is it a dinosaur with an orange sherbet ice cream cone?  Graffiti is best when it sends a clear message.  

A favorite roosting spot for the terns.  And it shows.

The waves were roiling into the rocky sea wall.

A pelican pelicanning.

Something I've never done but it always looks fun.  A bit choppy today but maybe that brings an extra thrill. 

These birds are pretty weird.  They dive in the water to catch fish then find some perch to dry out.  It's like they don't want to get wet but they evolved into water foul.  They stretch their wet wings out toward the sun and let themselves dry.  

More on this trip later.  Thanks for joining me on the walk week. 


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