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Babysitting Two Over the Holidays

I run a day care for Alfred, Kenzie's 19 month old kid.  I used to do it for Norah before she went off to school.   I do it for both girls when school is out for any reason.  I used to love teacher's institute days when i was in school but now I hate them.  But the worse is Christmas vacation.  Two weeks, Monday through Friday, 7:30 till 5:30.  It's enough to make one buy a cabin in the woods.   Don't cry for me, Argentina, however, because I do get enough money to keep that cabin going through the winter months.  

This past holiday vacation was relatively OK:  I didn't lose any, they all have their teeth,  they still like me (Stockholm Syndrome), and Mom still brings one of them over.  We do get our laughs throughout the day, so all is not a total cluster.   

I include this pic not because it is anything related to me,  but because it is testament to the English language and the care with which we must use it.  I'd never use that wordage for my little darlings.  

Here they are early morning, playing nice until the current Mrs, Blythe leaves, at which time they spring into action - Alfred yelling "Attack!"  and the onslaught begins anew.

Funny, I used to do this when my boss at Mary Davis would bark an order.  Guess its a family thing.  

Here is a picture of Alfred, resting before the battle begins again.  The posture is from me after a long day.

Yep, that's permanent marker.  I turned my head just for a moment to take care of something and the little Dali wandered into my room and found the marker.  Sweet little thing.  This is going to cost me somewhere between $800 and $1200 when I check out of this nuthouse.  She also grabbed my iPad last week and dropped it and cracked it in three places.  The little darling.  

I can't even take a few moments to go to the bathroom without their needy little hands searching for me.

And I get shows to go along with my animated movies.  This is Norah eerily acting out the first scene of Zootopia.  

The good news is time marches - and school begins again.  Our trio is now a duo.  But as I write this I'm sure there are days off in store this month to add to my number of charges.  Monday through Friday 7:30 till 5:30.  Every day.  Every month.  Every year.  

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


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