Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  The following is a nice 4 1/2 minute video.  It contains Truths with a capital "T".  It also contains truths with a small "t".  I've seen it twice now and not sure I've gotten all the big and little truths that it contains.  I'm looking forward to seeing it a couple more times.

2.  Norah, through the Disney influence of Frozen no doubt, has come to think of herself as a princess.  She has a dress she prefers quite often that she is free to wear whenever she wants. 

Here is the Princess, arms folded like granite, refusing to leave the toy section.

Here she is having run out of juice at Papa's place.

3.  Florida is weird in many ways.  They do something down here I never learned in Driver Ed classes, and while I'm sure there is a reasonable, and sane explanation (Florida?) I don't get it.  

At red lights they leave huge spaces between themselves.  I've asked around and have received conflicting answers:  f there is a carjacking they have space to leave. Not really, if you are in the inside lanes you are hemmed in by traffic.  Also heard that they do this for insurance purposes:  if hit from behind they won't run into car in front.  I'm skeptical of this since most drivers don't know you can get be found at fault just for "being there." So, you crazy, mysterious screwed up beyond all help state, what gives? 

4.  License plate spotted at the grocery store a coupe days ago.

5.  Gophers from Savannah are the best!  More on that later. Thanks J & C.

6.  OK, so maybe it was a little cruel.  I needed a few minutes to take care of something next to the chair, and Norah had been kind of clingy.  I told her we'd go swimming if she get her shirt off to get into her bathing suit.   Her inability to do it gave me enough time to do what I needed.  And, yes, we went swimming.

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