Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Just ran across this YouTube vid I found on some site.

It's fake, of course, but dang, that is well done.  I had palpable goosebumps.   

2.  Rhubarb Pie and a Time Machine 

One of my highlights so far is to have this rhubarb pie gracing my fridge.  Rhubarb days was a couple weekends ago and S-I-L Holly went down and bought this for me.  A first she was going to get one of those blended rhubarb-strawberry ones because they taste better, but I stepped in and said a rhubarb-only was my heart's desire.  Why?  We had a rhubarb patch in Seaton and Marj made the rhubarb only variety.  This was strictly a nostalgia treat for me.

3.  Brendan, concerned with my internet hookup problems, called and told me about a devise sold at Wal-MArt that could get my desktop running.  It is a USB Wi-Fi adapter.  So I picked one up and it worked!  Thanks, Brenny.
4.  In Floriduh I yelled at cars to slow up.  In Northlandia I yell for them to speed up.

5.  You didn't think that since I was spending a few weeks up North that you would'nt be getting Norah reports did you?  


No need to see a doctor.  This is one of the joys of childhood - a sucker and a mirror. 

Norah has graduated from a car seat to a booster.  Woo hoo!

But the princess still falls asleep in her royal carriage. 

6.  The Frump

A selfie of me driving Miss Frump.  She has been in storage and is now in Emerald City.  There was a car show in G-Burg last weekend, but alas, this is the monsoon season.  Nothing but rain.  No car shows this trip up but there should be several in August.

7.  "Wisdom develops from many truths and many lies."

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