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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Awesome Cloud  

On the way back to Floriduh this big guy was over to the right and I saw several lightening bolts as we passed by.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a shot of one.

Last week a guy walking on the sidewalk was killed by lightening.  Floriduh is the lightening capitol of he US.  Since 1959 477 have been killed. 

2.  While at North Henderson Civic Center I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of an old electric train that took me back to one we had when we were kids.  Big, heavy and the real deal, this set, I'll bet, could run today with just a little cleaning and electrical tape. 

This isn't the cheaper quality plastic stuff they have today.  This is an iconic Americana toy.  What a find!  And yes, it takes the drop in the smokestack that makes smoke come out.  

3.  "We mature with the damage, not the years."  Unknown

4.  While at McD's on 66th Avenue in St. Pete.  Pretty ballsy bird.  At one time it was shooed away and still returned looking for a handout. 

5.  Tough week for conservative-minded folks.  Great week for progressives.   Obamacare, a half-measure at best is now the law of the land.  Hopefully both parties will now tackle the deficient provisions and make much needed improvements.  As for me, I think they should institute "Medicare For All."

And now LGBT individuals have the right to marry.  Except for a bump in the road now and again, the endless arc of history for individual rights marches forward.  

6.  Around 70 days remain till the Great 2015 Cycle Adventure.  

7.  Effective August 15th,  Iowa Wesleyan College will be renamed Iowa Wesleyan University.  I lost my Aledo Green Dragons high school 10 years ago when it merged with Westmer and became Mercer County Golden Eagles.  And now, in a sense, I have lost my college as well.  


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