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I have arrived.  The next few days may be somewhat disjointed, post-wise here on BFE because of the incredibly insipid ability of Frontier Communications to properly fulfill what they promise.  I have zero favorability for this company and would urge any and all customer, present and future to think twice before committing to them.  This will be further explained in a future post once Mediacom has hooked me up to the internet.  Until then, I am typing this at McDonald's and no longer have the Clearwater luxury of unlimited internet and the ability to post like I would prefer, and what you have come to expect. 

Suffice to say, we have encountered problems and once we are up and running will return to our usual BFE posting.  The little yellow home on the corner was everything it was advertised and will serve my experiment well in the upcoming year. 

One thing of note is in my crunching of numbers I decided to forgo the expensive ritual of cable and I am watching only free channels that come in by antenna.  There are 19 channels of varying watchability.  I get WQAD, WQOC, a weather station and then we go pretty much downhill after that.  A couple variations of KLJB, a cartoon channel, a world news station with people speaking in accents.  Something called THIS which, as much as I can tell, broadcasts stuff so inferior it is on a free channel.  Montel doing something and several TV judges dispensing TV justice. I have been able to see two baseball games, the Cubs and White Sox, and while they are inherently inferior it passes as major league, small caps.  I miss my MLB and TMC channels but really, not much else.  I have seen the future of our society and will reveal my discovery after these messages.   And "these messages" usually last longer than the show segments itself.  I have noticed, too, that on free TV the commercials tend to revolve around health ailments and suing corporations.  Mesothelioma and transvaginal meshes seem to be major ailments for those of us glued to the free stuff.   

For the most part it is Leave It to Beaver, the Donna Reed Show, Petticoat Junction, and similar offerings referred to as "Antenna TV".  I'd forgotten how My Favorite Martian was so simple, in structure and content.  Perhaps my favorite is Mr. Ed, a kind of smart-ass Bugs Bunny disguised as palomino.  What they could have done with that in a more liberal environment.  But then, I'm not here for the TV.  It's a little strange getting used to the solitude and quiet.  And without TV or internet,  I find myself sweeping, dusting, reorganizing and staring out windows.  I almost had a long motorcycle ride with Neighbor Tim, but alas, the rain conquers all.  Another exciting moment was being dive-bombed by a bird while walking.

And so I will get out my paints and canvas, gas up the bike, charge up the camera battery and get out do the things that brought me to this point.  I have been questioning my journey to this "point" a little but then that's what I do.  Question and ponder.  But I am intent on being happy wherever I am,  like the guy said.  And this is where I am. 


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