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Tuesday Tidbits

I am still without internet, a process that began on May 3rd with Frontier Communications.  Supposedly Mediacom, another option here at Emerald City, will be here this morning between 8 and noon to establish my window to the world.

Two cycle rides with Neighbor Tim have been postponed because of the rainy or cold weather.  Warming will occur this week, however, and hopefully, soon, I will start enjoying Northlandia.

Paper plates have been given a bum rap.  I'm stocking up soon.

For some reason I am having a tough time downloading pics, so apparently we will remain text-only until I get the problem solved.

You know you are a regular early-bird at McDonald's when the person behind the counter says without prompting, "Medium coffee, two creams?"

A Facetime visit with Norah warmed me up a bit Sunday.

The Wombie and I have begun walking in the morning. 

My somewhat limited TV viewing provided a nugget on Saturday night.  The Invisible Ray starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi was must-see TV, at least until I turned it off and went to bed. 

Perhaps I made an error in obtaining a twin bed instead of something bigger.  The price was right but now I seem to be having a tough time adjusting from a queen size. 

My fantasy baseball team went 11-1 this past week.  I have moved from the cellar to 8th place. 

I think I sucessfully hooked up my dryer to the vent and washed my first load yesterday.  I'm not getting any cold water for washing but one step at a time.


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