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Zasummenfall is German for "wondrous coincidence".  A few days ago the skies finally cleared for the first time since my arrival. I decided to try some night shots, so I set my alarm for 2:30 am.  The Wombie had shown me the North Lagoon area so that was where I was going. No traffic, houses or ambient light pollution.  It was like the South Lagoon where I took meteor pictures last summer, only better.     

The most interesting shot of the few I took out there was this starry picture with some cloud action.  You eagle eye viewers will, no doubt, readily see the Big Dipper.  If you can't, squint your eyes and it should be easy to see.   

While I was up I decided to go to Keithsburg to see if I could photograph a barge going by.  Sorry to say, no barges, but what turned out to be a wondrous coincidence, was a lightening filled cloud drifted by while I was there and I was able to get some really nice shots.  This post is really a teaser for some future blogs that i will be getting ready when I get back to Floriduh. I liked this shot of the grain elevator because of the open area that has some stars.  

And this was the cloud that entertained me and my camera for 40 minutes or so.  In the upcoming few days I will post some really great, if I do say so, shots my camera took.  I take no credit.  This was my Zasummenfall moment while back - a single cloud, an early morning, and me.  


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