Friday, January 27, 2017

Flashback Friday

I go through my personal boxes every so often to see if there is anything interesting in there or things that can be tossed.  A couple months ago I came across these checks I hadn't seen in ages.  They are back in my G-Burg days when I was working at the Mary and making a trip or two every so often to K-Burg to Blackie's for a night of fun and beer.  

Apparently I began writing things on the memo lines.    

Helen always chuckled when I'd write something stupid and I hope the people at my bank enjoyed them as much as she did.  

This is one of the checks that I grew up looking at.  Marj and Herb banked at the State Bank of Seaton.  Before debit cards and Apple pay all you had except cash were bank checks. It is also was quite similar to the one we attached to the cold dead claws of the road-kill badger we hoisted up the bank flagpole one night in Seaton. The bank in Seaton is scheduled to close in a couple months after 126 years of operation.  Kind of sad.  

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