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Tuesday Tidbits

I was introduced to these delicious devils a couple years ago while visiting the Sutors' in Savannah.  Their candy shop is amazing - you can actually see them making all their stuff.  Kenzie ordered these and I have them in my closet.  One is gone, of course.  I'm surprised only one.  But I have a goal of munching one only when something good happens this year.  OK, Fates, let the good begin!


I think it is safe to assume I won't do the Twitter thing.  I'm thinking of contracting my social media footprint, not expand it.  


I spend too much time watching the talking heads on the so-called mainstream media.  They babble is balm for addiction to the news.  You have to admit it has been newsy the past year or so.  But they, like other insular groups, get too cool-by-half with their insider lingo.  By the way, whenever you run into someone who uses inside lingo on you they are trying to impress you and make you feel just a tad inferior.  here, then are some useful translations to current terminology on news channels:

Litigate - as in "we litigated this during the election".  Meaning:  we argued about it and no body won.

Narrative -  as in "they are trying to create a narrative".  This is the argument one side has that we litigated to a standstill during the election.

Walk it back - as in "when pressed on this point they tried to walk it back". This is a straight out lie.  And they got caught.  

Binary - as in "it's a binary choice between Trump and Hillary."  Hell if I know what it means.  I think its one or the other.  

We'll Talk about it on the other side - As in a moderator or news host introduces a clip like "Let's listen to what John McCain had to say about it and then we'll talk about it on the other side."  At the end of the video clip where someone is going to try to litigate their narrative, someone from the other party will try to litigate their narrative.  Usually both will end up having to walk it back.

We are in uncharted territory - usually Democrats/liberal news moderators/liberals in general in the past three months who are in denial, dumbstruck or deeply depressed because of what happened in the election.  

We have to end it here - Show segment is over and they have to stop whatever discussion they are having in order to shill for funds so that the moderator gets paid for his work.  And as such, this segment of Tuesday Tidbits is over so we have to end it here.

I don't know why they don't just talk like the rest of us.


I don't know about you guys up North but we are getting TV ads in support of Jeff Sessions.  Not making a political comment here, but didn't we just get over all the ads on TV?  Apparently not.



Skip down if you don't want to hear or see it.

Something you won't see often: Shakespeare and Trump mentioned in same sentence.  

Hamlet Act 3, Scene 4

For tis the sport to have the engineer, 

Hoist with his own petard, and shall go hard, 
But I will delve one yard below their mines
And blow them at the Moon.

(I love Shakespeare, but never seem to have the time to read more.  I applied for work at Barnes & Noble once in Peoria.  I aced the interview with the response to the question "If you could only have one book with you on a deserted island, what would it be?"  I responded with the complete works of Shakespeare.)

As an Independent who voted Democratic in the election I am not surprised that Comrade President Trump is signing the Executive orders on items he campaigned for and must deliver to the political right.  It has been a busy 1st week.  It would seem that Breitbart "I like to blow up the establishment" Bannon and Blackheart,  embodiment of the Peter principle, Flynn have his ear and that's all OK.  He won, he has earned the privilege.  His supporters are dancing with joy with the Executive orders and travel ban.  

I have said I hope him well and much success.  So far everything he has done seems to be in opposition to my views but then, again, he won.  I will, therefore, attempt to refrain from too many snarky criticisms for the 1st week.  Of much more import to me is what he will do after he runs out of campaign promises?  Where will Bannon and Flynn guide this narcissistic impetuous guy?  So I'm dialing it down for awhile.  

Of course, if he signs Executive Orders such as sending all Presbyterians to Mexico, philosophy majors to labor camps, or deeming all grampa daycares as dangerous leftist cabals, I'm coming out swinging.  


I saw recently that the Flo progressive commercials have marked their 8th year.  If I'd known she was going to be around that long I would have thrown myself off the Sunshine Bridge back then.


I know its been another mild winter and I was part of the only snow falls back in December, but golly, I really do miss it.   Maybe I'll have to change my Northlandia schedule a bit next year.


Nobody likes foreign films or subtitles (except me), but if you want to see an excellent zombie movie, find Train to Busan.  I hate zombie movies.  They are so tired and repetitive, and frankly silly.  But this one was good - really good.  It's Korean and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 96% of positive aggregate reviews.  Consensus reviews said, "Train to Busan delivers a thrillingly unique - and purely entertaining - take on the zombie genre, with fully realized characters and plenty of social commentary to underscore the bursts of skillfully staged action." 

And who can resist that it was made, in part, by the Redpeter Film Company?  


The 4th Annual Playoff Lotto contest has ended and the winners this year were:  Dan $20, Mark $15, Drew $10, Mike $10,  Stewart $10, Holly $5, Justin $5.  All have or will be receiving their money soon.  Thanks for playing. 


We all went to Wagonwheel flea market on Saturday.  Loaded everyone into the "Fun Bus" (the Pathfinder) and at the toll gate to get in I asked the guy who took my dollar, "Got any fleas's left?"  His quizzical look leads me to implore all you parents out there to keep your kids in school as long as you can.  Anyway as I wandering aimlessly I noticed an old guy with a baseball cap that read "Land of Lincoln - Honor Flight".  That was enough for me to wander a little less aimlessly and to thank him for his service.  And like most of these guys I talk to they are polite and enjoy talking of their service.  "Bill" served in the Army in the Pacific and took his Honor Flight almost eight years ago.  He asked where I was from and I mentioned Galesburg.  He said he was from Jacksonville and that from where he lived and G-Burg was just almost exactly 100 miles.  He further stated that when he got out he worked fro the power company and climbed poles.  he said that was back int he day when you had hooks on your boots.  He then asked what town is close to G-Burg but west, and I said Monmouth.  Oh yes, he said, I had to go there one time because the power was out and it was so cold.  A true gentleman and again, a member of the increasingly small Great Generation left.


Tomorrow is Kenzie's birthday.  Happy birthday, Kid.  I couldn't have asked for a better daughter.


This weekend I just got my 500th "F" or "K" series dollar bill.  


One of the pleasures, or pitfalls, to daycare is the having to watch some cartoons.  The TV is not on constantly but when it is I switch from the news and Nickelodeon.  Your never too young to see what's happening in the world or too old to watch some cartoons.  Some, or rather most, are inane IQ draining stuff, but one is almost brilliant.  I refer, of course to Spongebob Squarepants.  Those who are acquainted will smile in approving recognition.  Those who are not familiar will be devoid of the intelligence and subtle genius of our little drama at Bikini Bottom.  Spongebob and his pals Patrick, Squidworth. Mr. Krabs and Plankton are no less deep and thoughtful than Kant and Neibuhr.  I can say this with reasonable assurance that my readers probably won't read either of those philosophers - I wouldn't - or subject themselves to hours of Spongebob.  Although if I had my druthers, I'd watch Spongebob.

(Bonus points for telling me what Neibuhr is most remembered for today.  And it is Reinhold not Richard, his equally famous brother.  If you know, Hell, go ahead and cheat if you want, and email me at


Until next week, if we are still here.  Oh almost forgot.  I saw this quote that I enjoyed.  It is from Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan,

"The big trouble with dumb bastards is that they are too dumb to believe there is such a thing as being smart." 



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