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Quick Trip To The Causeway

A couple weeks ago, once again driven by the need to get out of my cell, I found an old path in my new Pathfinder.  The good old Causeway, one of about three bridges that connects the little dangling dick of a peninsula that is St. Pete, Clearwater and others to Tampa.

Whenever I go here, which is usually early morning, it is never quiet because of the the traffic on the adjacent four-lane that parallels the walking and bike path.  That's kind of a shame, otherwise this would be a perfect setting.      

I have to give a pat on the back to one of my favorite movies.  Everyone has heard and probably seen 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Its good, kind of like reading and then having to re-read a paragraph of Emmanuel Kant explaining metaphysical good, and then never really understanding.  I do not own that movie in DVD.  But I do own 2010: The Year We Make Contact, the sequel to 2001.  To me, if 2001 was the poetry, then 2010 was the prose.  In other words, it explained what left all of us scratching our heads about in the first movie.  

The blue photograph above was a picture I took at the causeway directly above me of the night sky.  That's an awful lot of stars out there.  One of my future projects is to go to the beach, away from all the city lights and take some night sky shots.  Salivating aren't you, Pavlov?


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