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This post was originally titled Man Cave, but, truthfully, I really don't like that moniker or the others that start out with the word "Man".  Same with stereotypes like "Chick Flick".  If a movie is good, then it will appeal to both sexes.  If a room is warm, comfortable and reflects its owner then it will appeal to anyone.  With that out of the way, let me introduce you to the North Henderson Community Center.  

On a fairly chilly evening in December before returning to the South, I was invited to this very special hideaway that has been a favorite place of mine for a long time.  Its decor is "Continual Accumulation".  A mishmash of cool, sentimental, biker, military and personal stuff consisting of tools, cycle stuff, posters, flags and calendars.  You enter and it immediately feels as comfy as an overstuffed chair that has conformed to your butt for years.  Much like jeans that you've had for 2 decades or shoes that fit so well you forgive their holes and scuffs.  The place has evolved through the years, expanding and more aware of itself but remaining true to the values of its owner - a place where friends meet, feel comfortable and relax.  

Grab a cue stick, light your cigar,  set your beer down and align your angle.  

I was introduced to this New Glarus beer.  I found it nice and mild although with a bit of a fruity aftertaste.  

  Thoreau had Walden pond.  Edison had Menlo Park;  places that so thoroughly reflect their owners and inhabitants.  Bar, TV, heat, table for conversing, pool table and two motorcycles.  The smell of leather, gas and endless miles.  The topics all encompassing - some deep, some not.  But always interesting.  Light a cigar, lean back and take it all in. Time stops.  Commitments fade.  Worries cease.  There is no other place like it.   


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