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First trip To The Beach 2017 - Part 2

When I go to the beach it's not the waves or horizon that interest me, unless its a dazzlingly spectacular sunset.  It tends to be the people.  Join me in a little voyeuristic observation of the folks who are all here to have fun.  The fun means different things to them all but everyone here is enjoying themselves.  

This guy wearing the West Virginia University sweatshirt interested me more than anyone else on this trip.  I was fascinated by what his story might be.  Widower?  Wife at home, or maybe in a nursing facility?  Was this their beach?  Does he come here to remember or forget?  

These guys were playing a game with a ball and a mini-trampoline.  The guy with the ball bounces it on the trampoline and the guy closet bounces it around to others much like volleyball.  Don't know what it is called or how you keep score but they played the entire time I was there which was about an hour and a half.

Well, the water wasn't as cold as it was in December but it still had a chill.  Still, what seems to be the problem here?  

Paddle boarding would be something I would like to try once - it seems like a nice combination of balance, effort and reasonable dryness.  

Makes no difference where you are these day, even with your lady friend at the beach - we just can't pry ourselves away from our social media devices.  This guy needs to pay more attention to her.  

I'm not exactly sure where her hand is but these guys know how to handle a sunset, a nice warm day and  a romantic place like the beach.  

And finally, someone so overcome by the joy of being at the beach, and a soft place to land, that he was practicing his handstands.  

At the risk of sounding a little jaded (one beach is like another) the beach is one of those rare places you go where everyone is happy. Even if their lives suck, they get some joy from the place.  One bit of sand is like all the others around here - not much difference and all pretty nice - but its the people that remain the real story.  


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