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Largo Park

Right down the road is the Largo park.  They gussy the place up during the Holidays with lights and even a small fair with some rides.  A couple days before Christmas we hosted Norah and Alhanna for an overnight.  We decided to parteeeeee! First stop was to DQ for ice cream.  The second stop was to the park to see the lights.  The third was back to the cell for pizza and a movie.   

Nothing is free and typically one had to purchase tickets for the Ferris Wheel which the kids wanted to ride.  

At $5 bucks-a-pop it wasn't cheap and my twenty didn't go far.  That's because I had to ride with them since they needed an adult.   

Waiting anxiously for the wheel to stop so they could board. 

They needed an adult to ride with them so I was volunteered. 

The carousel was a bit closer to the ground, but since I was newly broke I talked the girls into checking out those cool lights over there!  "Squirrel!"

Norah and Alhanna checking out some neat laser lights.

A picture looking west from the top of the Ferris wheel.

Toward the east.

One of the more unusual but nevertheless pretty stunning displays was a life-size blue whale made out of fabric.  I didn't know they are the largest animal that ever was.  I would have thought some dinosaurs would have been bigger but, nope, its this big guy.  Norah is standing just under its eye to give you some perspective. 

Okay, guys, lets go order some pizza! 


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