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Flashback Friday

Friday Housekeeping:

1.  Why did this blog get 83 hits last Tuesday?  

2.  Don't forget to send in you pics, vids or comments about anything to  We (that is me and my staff) will post them on Mondays.

3.  I almost bought a 1963 Dodge 880 last week.  Too much money, too many questions about where to store it,  too frightened to pull the trigger.  What a mess I am. 

4.  I have 2 Illinois Millionaire lottery tickets.  If I win, I'll buy the Dodge.

5.  Scroll on down and you'll get a bonus post.  

6.  Just a reminder that if you want Existing In BFE to be sent to your phone just send me your email address and I'll hook you up.

7.  There are no plans to end Existing In BFE.  There is, however, a final blog should anything happen to me unexpectedly. 

Flashback Friday  

This was taken of my folks in 1963 when my mother was 38 and my father was 41.  It's a pretty cool picture - both young with young kids.  Active social life with all kinds of fun things to occupy their time.  They had a boat that they would take down to Keithsburg and take across the river to a sand shoal where other friends would gather.  They played bridge with a circle in Seaton and Herb was golfing and both spent a lot of time at the Country Club.   Herb was soon to buy the grain elevator from his father, and Marj, raising the kids and doing what other housewives were doing:  cooking, talking on the phone exchanging info and planning redecorating projects.  A picture of them young and healthy and vibrant before age starts to take its toll.

Picture that was saved from the Great Flood of BFE, albeit not without some damage.

Fast forward 20 years or more and the kids are raised and these guys are still enjoying each other's company. The boat is gone as are the bridge games, redecorating a passing phase, and now they mark the calendar with visits from the kids and a chance to see the grandkids. In between those 20 years was trial, turmoil and sometimes pain, but love and companionship won out.  March 8th was Marj's birthday and had she not passed away in  at 69 she would have been 88 years old this year.  Happy Birthday and miss you every day.  You did a great job raising us and thanks.


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