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BFE Reporter Monday

This is where I step aside and let you guys post.

Our youngest son John has three daughters: Vanessa, Audrey and Johnnie.  They were up for a visit on Saturday and Sunday.  Vanessa is 10, Audrey is 6 And Johnnie is will be 4 next month.  It doesn't seem possible.

There are milestones your children and grandchildren pass on their way to becoming an adult.  It is at those moments we are acutely aware of two things.  First, they are growing up.  Second, we are getting old.

On Sunday afternoon Audrey came over and asked a question she had asked a hundred times before.  

Audrey:  "Papa, can we read a book?"

Me:  "Sure, go pick out what you want."

What grandparent doesn't want to read a book to a grandchild?  She came back with three books and climbed on my lap.  I opened the first one and started to read.

Audrey:  "No, Papa, I'm going to read to you."

She took the book and like every new reader put her finger under the words and started to follow her finger along and read.

I felt the two things every grandparent should at that time.  Pride in how well she was doing and how much she had learned.  Second, I felt old and that small piece of her childhood had slipped through my fingers.

If you have children or grandchildren grab those moments and treasure them.  So quickly they slip away.  The good news is that a new adventure awaits.  Be there, live in that moment, enjoy it to its fullest.  

Our new reader.  




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