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Vinoy Therapy

It was a wonderful mid-winter day in St. Pete.  Late January is really the best time down here.  Cool nights, warm days.  You see more people out and about in winter than in summer.  The heat sometimes keeps people inside.  What better place to go to than my favorite, The Vinoy.

This is another one of those times I'm keeping my mouth shut.  The pictures do all the talking for me.

These are wild parrots that have made their homes in Florida.  Speculation is that a bunch of parrots were accidentally released at Kennedy Airport in new York in 1967.  being the smart birds they are they travelled south to Florida.  Now they are all over the place, much liek the pythons.  They are screechy little bastards and have elaborate huge nests in areas like transformers and electrical stations.  

Class Pictures??

Relaxing and lounging are the order of business today it seems.

14 acres of jogging, walking, picnicing, volleyballing, strolling. 

Florida squirrels don't have to dig through crusty dirt down here to hide their nuts.

This fisherman caught one and then let it go.  It looks like a nice size, bet he was sorry to let it go.

Wonder what that stuff is on his beak?  Just debris from rooting around?

Here's a closer look.

I love the precision flying of the pelicans.  

I don't have a clue as to what this is, and I'm not sure I want to know.

I love the Vinoy.  So much to see.  Always.


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