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Happy Valentine's Day, Norah

My Sis-In-Law, Holly, told me about a soft Teddy bear for sale at a store in Aledo when I was up there.  I thought it would be great to send to Norah for Valentine's Day.   

Thanks to Kenzie's thoughtful picture taking, I was able to see step-by-step Norah's first package she ever received through the mail.  

This isn't the same as being there, but almost.

The instant she realizes she has another stuffed friend.

And the smile I was counting on.

Valentine's Day has never been high on my list; sadly, in the past, I have seen it as a Hallmark holiday.  A superficial Madison Avenue exercise in consumerism.  I've changed my mind.  It was the smile that did it.  I can't wait for next Valentines Day, I've got a lot of catching up to do.


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