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It's The City

Traveling somewhere the other day I spotted this fellow (?) by a bench at the corner of 34th Street and 22nd Avenue.  He was waving, sashaying, and provocatively dancing at cars driving by.  Perhaps showing off his latest Spring fashion he was wearing a tight blouse (?) or top with equally tight jean short-shorts.  Rounding out the ensemble were white sneakers and wristband. 

There are sights in all cities; many are there to promote a happy and harmonious living standard.  The Vinoy comes to mind, as do the beaches, and the nature reserves scattered all over the place.  There are also things not so happy, such as this man (?) who felt compelled to harass drivers along 34th and 22nd.   

This seductive "come-hither" pose was directed toward me as I was driving by having circled back to get more for my loyal readers.  I like to think this is a Springtime gift (?) to all of you, readers of EIB from our Ambassador of Wackoville from St. Pete. 

This is a video I took while stopped at the corner.  Meanwhile, the video below was recorded by other people and was posted on a site that Kenzie found.  

In the movie, Chinatown, the final scene contains a bit of dialogue ending in "Forget it, Jake.  It's Chinatown."  

For our pink-clad Rihanna above, it may be best to simply keep on driving and remember, "it's the city".


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