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Tuesday Tidbits




(Any similarity between this video and Susan Kane, wife of Charles Foster Kane, is purely unintentional.) 

2.  Speaking of movies:  last week I stumbled again on a classic that you may have missed when it came out 33 years ago.  No love scenes, no English (unless you can find the dubbed copy), and a whopping 209 minutes (even longer in the uncut version).  Yeah, you'll have to read the subtitles.  But there may be no better movie portraying the dangers, hazards and claustrophobia of submarine warfare.  I speak, of course, of the german production of Das Boot.  It is on Netflix streaming if you have that service, or you can rent it from them, too.  And the ending is as heartbreaking as any ever on film.  In early production talks when it was considered by an American company, both Robert Redford and Paul Newman were considered for the role of the Captain.

Nominated for 6 Academy Awards and ranked #25th on the 100 Best World Cinema list, this is a great one for a rainy Sunday afternoon when the wife/girlfriend/other is out or gives you 3 hours to fill.  It may be sexist, but this is a movie for guys.  

3.   Kenzie saw this while driving in St. Pete this week.

I don't have a clue.  Just put it under the "It's the City" file and try to move on.


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