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Various Pics From The Trip

Other pictures from the trip in no particular order.  

This is the old homestead of my Uncle Ed Rader.  He had a small farm and I helped him in the summers for many years.  It has changed, of course a lot since I was there.  Gone are the neat old corn cribs that were tot he right, and the big ancient barn in the middle that burned shortly after he died.  The house is no longer white,  tan siding now adorns the sides.  It has also been added to:  there is now a swimming pool, deck and garage added.   

This is a detail of a painting I did recently by memory, featuring Ed's place.  I didn't need a picture to remember what it used to look like. 

Went with the Wombie and Holly to Sully's in G-Burg while back.  On an old unpainted shed next tot he parking lot was this flag, nailed to the boards, falling apart, but still regal and beautiful.

At a gas station in Aledo; somehow the grammar seems a bit off.  Maybe it's the redundancy, maybe the tortured structure.

Every time I go to Jerry's in Mt. Pleasant I have this irrational need to take a picture:  much like an art lover at a museum. 

My entry-level camera has a hard time recording certain reds and hues at sunset/sunrise, but somehow came close to this beautiful sunset at Pat's place.  

As time was running out, I gathered the peeps for a photo at the Hideaway in Viola.  
From left to right:  Mark, Christopher, and Tim.  Guess which one didn't want their picture taken?  


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