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Flashback Friday

Most of us have a mental image of our parents from the point of our awakening memories.  We picture them at the beginning when they are in their 30's, working to make a life for their kids.  We picture them in a kind of routine normalcy: see them going off to work, nightly meals, to bed, and then maybe a vacation in the summer, that disrupts that sleepy routine.   

We never see or picture them in their mid-twenties, or earlier.  Oh we see formal and posed pictures from school or family get-together's.  But to see them young and playing, before the kids and the drudge of routine, now that is peering behind the veil.      

Here is Herb preparing to cast out.  

I never knew Marj to join us in a fishing trip, so this is rare.

I am unaware of who Marj and Herb went with on this fishing trip, but apparently the other guy seemed compelled to do a little posing for the picture-taker.

1st Mate, Marj, aka future Mom, posing.

Looks like all the fishing was stopped at a certain point to allow for a little swimming.

The date is summer 1947.  Herb and Marj and another couple go to  some lake for a day of fun and fishing.  They are newlyweds, or about to be.  Kids are several years away, and Herb has returned from Navy duty in the South Pacific and started working.  When he first arrived back from service, he was a teacher at Seaton High School for awhile before working for his father at the grain elevator, where he would remain till the late 70's.  

The veil uncovered, spying on your parents when they were young adults themselves, at play.  I'd love to have a conversation with them and find out what their future hopes were, what they thought about themselves and each other.  What they thought about this point in life when the grownup world was still new and fun.  Before kids were born and work and raising a family would become a priority.  And I wonder if he caught any fish that day.  


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