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Tuesday Tidbits

1.  I love Meryl Streep.   In August: Osage County she gives the best acting performance I may have ever seen.  It's a tough film regarding family dysfunction, but she chews the scenery like like a herd of beavers in Yosemite.  I was left stunned after I saw it.  Amazing actress.  

2.  Spotted on April 16th in mid-morning in St. Petersburg was this  ring around the sun.  Also called the 22nd Degree Halo, these are fairly common and happen when sunlight filters through ice crystals in cirrus clouds.  

It didn't last long but was a sure sign from the gods that a cat must be sacrificed in order to insure a good harvest…oh, sorry, I drifted there.  Anyway, like I said, this happens with ice crystals and a 22 degree bend of the light.  Here Kitty, Kitty………

3.  I don't post on Facebook very often.  I'm not fond of the site but I'll throw something up every few weeks just to let folks know I'm still alive.  I posted these pictures on Easter and post them again, for people who follow this site but may not do the Facebook thing; could there be another person like me out there?  

A fellow was walking his dog at the park on Saturday at the Vinoy and he had added a special touch to his beautiful golden retriever.   Being a dog lover, the guy gushed at the chance to pose his best friend for some Easter pics.  

Later on I saw more wildlife:  

This hooded apparition approached me at the Mainsail Art Festival.

And behold! From yonder knoll, like a hobbit troll, arose…

Miss Norah!!

4.  A friend from my old BFE days got hitched on the 12th.  Congratulations to Dave "Ole" Olson and his new bride Sandy.  They live in Springfield.  Ole would much rather be riding a motorcycle than just about anything; and he's not alone in that.   

We had some good times in the North Henderson Community Center.  I see she has cleaned him up pretty good.  Damned near didn't recognize him.   

That's all for today.  Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend.  


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