Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh, Dear!

On the last evening (Sunday) of my stay up North I struck out finding anywhere to eat. Rib Shack was closed as was LaGondola and my last try was the Brickyard.  Thank God St. Pete is open all the time.  The only place closed on Sunday around here is Chic-Fil-A, for religious reasons.  But a guy can starve up North.  

As I was leaving East G-Burg to head back to Pat's I came across this herd of deer on either side of the highway.  I naturally stopped to take in the beauty of it all.  The sun was setting, I was in a quiet area and heard nothing but nature.  My camera was handy so I started taking pictures.  Unfortunately many were blurred; my need to snap under pressure no doubt.   

These guys were on the right side of the road and after gazing at me for awhile, then took off back to the forested area on across the field.  It was only after I got home and previewed the pics did I see this unusual sight.   

Now I'm no forensic expert, and I don't always get the angles, but is it my imagination or is this guy's nose a bit off?  I distinctly had the impression everyone was looking at either me or the big blue thing parked on the road.  Even if this one wasn't peering directly at me, and maybe the hood of the truck or maybe even the herd across the road, would his nose be this off?  Did he have a trauma? Is he malformed?  Guess we'll never know.

These deer seemed all well proportioned and normal.  They, too took off after a while and so my session was over.  The pictures didn't come out as well as I would have liked but it was a memorable meeting nonetheless.  Except for that one guy's nose…

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