Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A LongTrip

Travelling for me isn't too unlike a trip to the doctor: you know its going to make you feel better, but your daily routine is wrecked.  I also get a deeper, more soul-wrenching melancholy with travel. I'm leaving my world, my loved ones and entering a world of bustle, mystery and uncertainty.  Maybe I over-think it.  
Starting a venture such as the Two-State solution experiment is liable to invoke lots of questions, and questioning.  The feeling of impending doom is no greater than at its beginning.  So it was that an oversized Penske truck took off from Clearwater at 4:00 am with a destination of Northlandia.  Accompanied by the current Mrs. Blythe, all the better to navigate Atlanta, Nashville and Chattanooga, soon to begin finding out if wishful thinking translates into real-world reality.        
Having escaped the city lights of Tampa you settle into the monotony of interstate with lots of downtime to ponder the genius or lunacy of what you have done.   

The sun rises on a new day, literally and figuratively.

This new day is fog-laden, only compounding the mystery of what the future holds.

Travel also gives a perspective on how insignificant my worries and my expectations are in the big scheme of things. 

Tomorrow I would arrive at my destination and begin the step-by-step implementation of a plan.  How that plans works through the next few months will determine if it was a success or not.  If it fails it can be fixed, not easily, but fixed.  If it succeeds it can be a personal and familial retreat for years to come. Only time will tell.  But for now, as the fog blankets the world I see, questions bombard my mind, and answers are few.   

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