Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Once I returned from Northlandia I once again began being Manny to Alfred and because Norah was out of school, both of them.  It is increasingly  evident that Alfred is a different kind of cat than Norah was.  Norah would be content snuggling with me watching cartoons.  Alfred is constantly on the go, will give a quick bent-head snuggle then off to check something else out.  

We picked up where we left off - our afternoon jaunts to Burger King for ice cream and cookie.  Unfortunately on this day we swept through Wal-Mart just for diversionary and exhibitionist reasons.  One of the "Holiday Helpers" gave Alfred a candy cane (the worlds worst possible confection for kids).  By the time we got to BK she was encased in colorful sticky sugary face crap that I had a tough time focusing her on the ice cream.  So I had to eat it.

I like this last expression.  A pondering questioning almost puzzled look of the mechanics of getting that bit of chocolate chip into her mouth. I am very reminiscent of a post I made a few weeks ago about grandkids and grandparents - nobody loves them like you and no one wants to hear about them like you.  Translation:  shut up over your grandkids.  With that in mind I have to warn you that there will be a couple upcoming posts centered around them.  The good news about that is there is none.  The bad news is when you are settling in with your coffee and oatmeal and you open Existing in BFE, the post will be disappointing.  But the holiday is about the kids and unfortunately I am a manny to them.  If adults needed them I'd try that gig, but until I find one of those I'll stick(y) with the kids.   You can read and enjoy, or you can click off the computer and go watch The View.  Your choice.  

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