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Easter Egg Hunt And Other Stuff


This is Tuesday so where the Hell are my Tidbits?  I protest.  When some half-assed blog promises me something and they don't come through then I want my money back.  

Before you choke on your grits and cornpone, you will get your Tidbits, but just a day later than usual.  Nothing nefarious here, it just isn't quite ready for posting today so we'll do a switcheroo and give you Wednesday's post today and Tuesday's post tomorrow.  Now take your fingers off your wrist, your pulse will come back down to regular beats in just a minute or two.  

Thanks for your patience.  


This is the obligatory family Easter Egg hunt for the wee ones in the Blythe clan in Florida.  That big red thing in front is, of course, Drewber, father of Norah and Ayala, aka Alfred.  He had to go to work at Coca-Cola which explains the redness.    

From left to right:  Emily watching over Liam on the far left.  At the far rear tree is Norah, and the center tree is being covered by Alfred and Mackenzie.  To Kenzie's left is Alhanna, Drewber and Brendan.  There are clusters to avoid, mildy distressing clusters to conquer.  This was a kind of a fun cluster as the kidlings were sent out to find eggs for the first time.  Fun to watch new, unformed brains figure it out.  

Later we got a reading by Norah.  She isn't shy and if she can commandeer a group she will.  And she did.  

Mrs. Wombie was kind enough to send a couple eggs from a local maker and they really enjoyed the,  They were monogrammed with the kids' names and may just be put in their memorabilia boxes for safekeeping.  Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Wombie.

For the adults the Bunny left burgers from the grill, Texas brownies and homemade ice cream.  For basic family stuff it was hard to beat; almost totally devoted to the kids.  Why not?  

Before I let you go on this quiet, short-post Tuesday, while you have disappointment all over your face along with that little bit of oatmeal on your lower lip,  I want to share a picture that you may have seen before.  It was dredged up from a post a few years ago and features the Blythe Boys in an Easter parade.  How they got Philip in that rabbit suit amazes me to this day - perhaps he did it knowing that in a dozen years the folks would be buying him a sharp Chevy ragtop for high school.   But I digress.  

Seaton, just 10 miles from Emerald City, used to have parades for town kids.  Marj must have been so proud to see her kids peddling along with all the village probably pointing at smiling.  The things we do for our daily gruel and diaper changes.          


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