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Tuesday Tidbits

Two readers have answered my questions of last week regarding chickens.  No, a chicken need not engage in chicken sex to lay an egg, that happens regardless.  In order for that egg to produce another chicken however, that hen must be fertilized.  Brooder chickens lay eggs throughout their lives, and sadly, when they don't produce anymore they are not put out to pasture, but end up at KFC.  

As to which came first, the chicken or the egg, the answer is simple.  Just ask me.  

Visited with old family friend and neighbor Dorothy Levine and son Lance who are now residents at Rosewood in G-Burg.


Received this picture from Kitschland of Miss Norah on her last day of kindergarten.  She is now, officially, a first grader.


In the 120 some years of people sitting at their drafting tables in front of an empty sheet of paper preparing to design an automobile, this is likely my choice for most beautiful.  Miss Frump probably just decided to not start after that comment, but I am sure, even she would admit, to the timeless, exquisite lines of this car. 

Note the chromed front headlight sweeps that extend from way below the lower sheeting.  And the single chrome spear along the door and rear quarter.  The hidden tires and the sweep of the fender wells.  This is Art Deco and looks to be whooshing by even when at a standstill.  Oh, and that cute little hood protrusion just above the grill.  I could look and dream at this all day.

No, this is not a car.  A Buick and a Chevy are cars.  This is a piece of art - a sculpture in steel.  I could easily house this in my garage at the Cabin, but after this there would be very little left to live for.  These types of art should not be named or aged - that's so common - and more reserved for maybe Studebakers Larks - but those of you curious to know, this is a Delahaye.   


Norah is growing up.  Besides graduating to 1st grade, she also has learned how to text.  This is her first text to me.  Just 7 sleeps, Sweetheart.

Is this a kidcentric Tidbit?  So it seems.  Bear/bare with me.  

This little vid was sent from Kitschland, and appears to be Alfred showing us her latest dance moves.  Must have got it from her Papa.


This is spray painted on a country bridge north of Seaton and south of Emerald City.  It is hard to see in this picture but it says:  "Douger Slagel can thank John Marshall for 4 years in prison."  Me thinks there is a cool back story to this message and might just not be over yet.  Besides the opposite guardrail is blank.  Plenty of room for more intrigue.   


Real honest-to-goodness fog at the Cabin in the Woods near Emerald City last week.  Always reminds me of two things.  Adrienne Barbeau in The Fog, for obvious and maybe not so obvious reasons, and Carl Sandburg's Fog.  This poem was framed and hanging on a wall in the front area of the Mary Davis Home when I started working and was still there when I left.  

"The fog comes on little cat feet.  
It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches.
and then moves on."

I hate cats but I love fog.


"A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn't."

Tom Waits


Saturday, the 27th, was spent in Keithsburg at the First Christian Church.  I had no plans and decided to show off Miss Trump.  It was a long day.  A forthcoming post on the day will be winging its way into your inbox soon.  

Needless to say attendance was light.    


The trip to K-Burg and home was the highlight of the day.  Here is a small clip heading back to the Cabin in the Woods.


Spotted behind one of those motorcycle trikes with presumably a husband and wife - an open trailer with a dog relaxing and enjoying the ride.


Closed on Sunday and Memorial Day:  Emerald City Tastee Freez.  Huh?  On the opening summer weekend?  Doesn't make sense.  Same with any other business that caters to weekend customers.  


 The Cabin in the Woods has new neighbors; as much as one can out here in the wild.  Whoever it is has a little boy who was mimicking boyfriend/dad mowing with his own little toy mower.  Only thing is, the little kid was doing it in the nude. 



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