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Flashback Friday

Caption Fun

"Mark,  I really thought the Goddess was going to shell out."

"Mark,  you're the water guy.  Why am I getting spots on my silverware?"

"Mark,  I want a Jeep.  Lime green."

"Mark, are twins really too ugly to be one?"

"Mark, are you sitting down?  Michael's coming back up...again."

The place:  The Blythe kitchen back in Seaton.  The event:  unknown.  The year:  unknown, but likely 20 years ago.  A second of time caught in what appears to be a serious conversation between the Wombie and Mrs. Wombie.  The bartender said, "Hey, why the long face."  I don't know what was going on, but it looks very much like the camera (and me) is intruding on a private chat. 

It is also a somewhat fascinating picture of the hub of the family, the kitchen.  Marj loved redecorating and this final edition with the darker wallpaper and cornflower blue cabinets reflects her always interesting but tasteful approach.  The place looks to be quite untidy which would be unusual so my guess is that after Marj's passing the boys have been called home to help Herb sort through things.  

The room further back was the utility room with the washer and dryer and more cabinets.  On the wall back there was a switch that was connected to the town siren.  On designated day when we were kids Marj would let us ring the siren at noon.  How cool was that?

And finally, as I wrap up this somewhat enigmatic edition of Flashback,  and as we approach the Memorial Day weekend, I want to congratulate the Wombie's on their 25th wedding anniversary.  


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