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Tuesday Tidbits

A little Roy Rogers, a little Hazel, and a whole lot of nothing in Northlandia viewing.  But I think things may improve.  I purchased a Roku Stick.  It says I can get Netflix streaming.  If I can no longer get any news then perhaps it can be replaced with entertainment.  Meanwhile I understand the company that bought our cable monopoly in Kitschland is raising their rates soon.  Might be more Beaver than I ever dreamed possible.     

On one of my early morning walks around the block on Easter morning, I took this picture of the homeless guy I always see in the bus stand.  A voice whispering in my ear: things could always be worse.

Those walks around the block were necessitated by the renovation and new paint at the Waterboard gym.  Hmmm.  Looks very familiar.  That is actually the scheme at the Cabin.  So I'm a decorating trailblazer, too. 

Without any prompting, while at my place before after school, Alfred draped a blankie over her head and snuck up behind Norah.  As you can see, a small hand is coming out to start trouble.   

Setting up housekeeping was a budget-buster this time for some reason.  (Oh yeah, I know.)  But the Cabin is in good shape and have already mowed the dandelions once.  Miss Frump was roused from her winter sleep and started right off.  The tender was removed from the bike and, too, started.  The truck had a low tire and the battery was dead, but all has been remedied.  Life is good in the forest.  The bug man also sprayed so I am living alone, I think.      


Ah, yes.  The plight of mankind.


Brendan and I used to go to Waffle House in the early morning hours when we were closer in proximity to each other.  I saw last week where one of the founders died.  Our text conversation:

Me:  Sad news.  Tom Forkner , one of the co-founders of Waffle House died at 98.  Wonder if his longevity is explained by eating at Waffle House or avoiding it?  Have a good one.

Brendan:  The angels need breakfast too.



If I only had a dog...


My personal invitation to Norah's 6th birthday party last Monday.  She insisted on a surprise party.  She and her entourage had fun.  


But before her special day on Monday, we went to the beach on Sunday.  It was really windy and I was fraught with fears the tent would go flying into the crowd causing personal injuries and lawsuits.  So while the others wandered and swam in the surf, I was holding down the fort.  Didn't mind a bit.  There's always something to see at the beach.


Alfred playing with her invisibility cloak again.  Doesn't she look pleased with herself?


In what has become a bit of a tradition, Norah applies a new fresh coat of toenail polish for my trip to Northlandia.


The worst part about being at the Cabin without cable: no news.
The best part about being at the Cabin without cable: no news.


Scott Pruitt, left, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, with President Trump and a group of coal miners in March as the president signed an executive order that rolled back many climate-change policies.
E.P.A. Dismisses Members of Major Scientific Review Board


A spokesman for the agency's administrator said he would consider replacing the academic scientists with representatives from industries the agency is supposed to regulate.
Headline yesterday in the New York Times.  If that doesn't scare you, it should. 


Expect some disruption in posts in the next couple of days.  


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